A map is a good idea!

It’s beautiful and intuitive, great to analyze data, create knowledge and communicate insights.
It’s also fun and useful – It brings people together around questions, giving them a common framework to discuss interpretations, hypothesis and make better decisions.
Everyone at Mapidea loves maps. Our vision is that maps should be a business tool as common and useful as Excel.
Our mission is to add value to your business with maps, harnessing the power of spatial information to tackle your challenges and leverage business results.
We work in a lean way, departing from your business context and goals, working together with your key-users to produce and deliver actionable results (we hate vaporware).
We always follow these rules – no matter if we are doing a small spatial study or the deployment of a WebGIS system to a whole organization.
We are a group of experienced professionals – geographers, developers and designers – with a strong track record of working with big corporations across several industries, capable of offering you these products and services tailored to your organization needs.
If you want to know more about how maps can help your business, contact us.


Miguel Marques

Geographer & Executive Director |